Couple Counselling

Feellng secure, happy and connected in our couple relationships is crucial to our emotional well being.  My expertise is in helping couples to address the issues that are causing pain, conflict and unhappiness in their lives.  These can include feelings of disconnection and incompatibility, loss of respect or understanding, lack of intimacy, the aftermath of an affair, resentment, repeated arguments and breakdowns in communication.

Often the way we are feeling and behaving with our partners  can have its roots in our own histories.  It can be useful to explore these earlier experiences and to think about how they might be affecting the way we relate in our adult relationship.  It can be tempting to blame one’s partner for all  the problems in the relationship – but much more useful to ask the question, ‘what are we both contributing?’.  What patterns are endlessly being repeated? How can we both learn to do things differently in order to make a change?

As well as helping you to reconnect, couple counselling can also become about helping you to separate.  It can be tough, painful work to both end and accept the ending of a relationship.  Counselling won’t take away the pain of the loss but it will provide a safe space to think about why things haven’t worked out  and to consider the most constructive ways of moving forward, particularly if there are children involved.

In terms of how long you need to spend in counselling, everyone is different. Some couples feel ready to leave counselling after a short time whilst others benefit from a longer period of support.  My focus is providing you with the support you need.