Individual Counselling

Life can feel difficult at times.  I see individuals who are experiencing sadness, loneliness, depression, anger, major life change, stress and anxiety, low self esteem and loss or bereavement.  Exploring these issues with an experienced counsellor can offer great relief as well as giving you insight and understanding about how to manage things differently.

My role as a counsellor isn’t to solve your problems or to give you advice.  Equally, I can’t change or eradicate a difficult past or a painful loss.  However giving you a confidential space to talk, to explore your thoughts and feelings and to feel properly heard and understood can help pave the way for a more positive outlook.   We can all get stuck in negative ways of behaving and thinking and it is easy to lose sight of our own strengths and resources.   Counselling can help you to get to know and to understand yourself better.  Through this process clients often find that this kind of focus and compassion for them can help them to find their focus and compassion for themselves.

How much counselling you would like is up to you.  Some people come for a few weeks.  Others prefer to stay for longer.  We will talk about this at the start of our work together and keep it under review as we go along.